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IBM S/390 Administration

OSA Adapter Information

Common S/390 Commands

MVS Console Operation

MVS Set Time Command PDF

VTAM, TSO/E, Linux, Windows

Win 9x AFP Drivers Win NT

3745 Line Weight Calculator

VTAM / NCP Reloading - PDF

IBM 3745 Connection Guide - PDF

SNA Security - PDF


3174 microcode parms

3174 dump process

3174 dump disk creator

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  S/390 OSA Adapter settings and JCL

S/390 Operator Commands (MVS, VTAM, & JES2)

Common MVS console commands / Operation

MVS Local time/date setting (for analyzing traces)

Common IP Commands - PDF

IBM AFP Printer Drivers - Windows 9x & NT

3745 FEP Line Scanner Calculator - Excel

Procedures & JCL to generate/reload an NCP module

IBM 3745 Controller Connection/Integration Guide

SNA Security - zJournal Article


3174 microcode customization settings

3174 dump procedure - use dump diskette(s)

3174 utilities - create 5.25 dump/trace diskettes



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