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IP (L3) Network Tools

Get SNMP Infor v2.3(*)

OID MID Browser

SNMP viewer utilities

SNMP OID Graph(*)

LSB/MSB Address converter(*)


Windows MTU Tool



HTTP Headers

RPC Tools

NeoTrace Tool

Trout (ICMP)(*)

Network Scanner

3D Trace Route



Ping Plotter

Show Traffic(*)

Test TCP utility (TTCP)

IPerf command


VitalAgent Tool

IP Address Translator

AppleTalk Tool


NBTScan (*)

IPX Ping


Hping (Win XP SP2)



MAC Makeup



IP Subnet Calculator

IP Subnet Calculator

IP Subnet Calculator


Telnet RFC Overview

Telnet Command List



Frame-Relay - PDF

IP Port Monitor

IP Tool Package


IP Address Checker

AT Modem Commands








client - ws FTP-LE(*)

client - FTP

server - FTP

Secure FTP client

FTP Compare - PDF



VTP shockwave

STP shockwave




Dr. TCP Windows 2K/XP


Adjust Windows 2000 / XP

Registry Entries

























WIRESHARK - Network Analyzer files









SSH, Telnet and Terminal Clients


NetTerm (Telnet)(*)

F-Secure SSH Client

SecureCRT Client

PuTTY SSH Client

HyperTerm PE 6.3

Telnet Client

Hamachi v1.0.1.5


VPN Clients (IPSec "Encryption")


Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client



Cisco VPN Win32 Client

Cisco VPN Mac OS X Client

Cisco VPN Linux x86 Client


Citrix Presentation Server Client

SSH Client

NCP VPN Client





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Network GUI tool (SNMP MIB browser/ARP)

MIB Browser (SNMP MIB variables) - freeware

SNMP & MID tools - freeware

Realtime SNMP TrafficGrapher v1.45

Canonical MAC address converter

Microsoft MAC address/binding order, given computer name

Adjust MTU for Win 95/NT - Dialup ISP Utility

Netstat - TIME_WAIT information/process


Display Web server HTTP Headers - RFC2068

Dumps endpoint mapper database

NeoTrace Tool - Display Internet routes/time

Trace Route Tool - customizable options

IP, SNMP and NetBIOS scanner - freeware

3D Transit Times Trace Route w Port Scanner

Detailed listing of all TCP/UDP endpoints (netstat)

NT/2K File System Monitor - real time

Pings and graphs an endpoint

GUI real-time traffic display w IP ports & hit count

Measure TCP throughput through an IP path

WAN BANDWIDTH measurement (server/client)

Measures real-time speed of your Internet connection

Monitor and test the end-to-end network performance

Dotless IP Address Calculator (12 formats)

AppleTalk utility to retrieve network information

NetBIOS scanner, formatted nbtstat with address ranges

NetBIOS scanner (name/attributes) - command line

IPXPING command line tool (network:host)

Multicast (send/receive) command utility

Create/Send TCP/IP & ICMP packets - command line


Reads ADSL/Cable NAT router logs - AMIT chipsets

MAC Address spoofing tool / IP protocol adjustments

Microsoft Network Monitor 3.0 - Vista supported


IP Subnet Calculator - WildPackets

IP Subnet Calculator - Lucent

IP Subnet Calculator - 3Com


Telnet protocol RFC854 + Options

Telnet command byte values

IANA Multicast IP addresses - RFC1112

SMTP Reply Codes - RFC821

Frame-Relay Documentation - Cisco

TCP/IP Socket Monitor Tool via server list

Sam Spade - General-purpose IP utility package

IP Tools - 19 TCP/IP utilities (KS-Soft)

Determine your true internal/external IP Address (LAN / WAN)

USR 56Kbps Modem Command/Technical Guide (PDF)


TCP Test Tool - Simple Com Tools

UDP Test Tool - Simple Com Tools

COM Port Inspector - Simple Com Tools

COM Device Initializer - Simple Com Tools

SMTP Test Tool - Simple Com Tools


What's Up - FTP v6

FileZilla - FTP Client - open source

FileZilla - FTP Server - open source

WinSCP - Secure File Transfer - open source (SFTP, FTP & SCP)

Secure FTP protocols - Comparisons


Quality of Service (QoS) - DiffServ Code Point (DSCP) 6 bits (2^6) = 64 values

Cisco VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol) layer-2 messaging

Spanning Tree Protocol (BPDU process) - Shockwave




Adjust TCP/IP registry - TCP Receive Window and MaxMTU size


LAN Network settings

Tcp Receive Window (RWIN):

     64240 for 10mb or less

   128480 for 10-20mb

   256960 for over 20mb
Path MTU Discovery: YES
MTU: 1472


Optimal Settings for Satellite Return (Two-Way) Systems
Tcp Receive Window (RWIN): 224360
Window Scaling: YES
Time Stamping: NO
Selective Acks: YES
Path MTU Discovery: YES
Black Hole Detection: NO
Max Duplicate Acks: 3
TTL: 64
MTU: 1500


You must reboot for these changes to take effect!




Wireshark Network Analyzer w WinPcap v4 - freeware

Wireshark Wiki - Docs, Reference, Miscellaneous

WinPcap packet capture library v3.1 beta4 (based on libpcap)

TCPDump man file - syntax

Capture Filter syntax & examples

Various Basic / SMTP filter strings - syntax & examples


NetTerm Dialer/Terminal/Telnet Client v4.2 - InterSoft

SSH Client - per F5 Support v1.4

SSH1/2, Telnet/SSL Client - SecureCRT (VanDyke)

PuTTY (SSH/Telnet Client) v0.60 - freeware

HyperTerm Private Edition v6.3

WinNT GUI Telnet client for Win2K OS - Q253918 MSKB

UDP-based VPN p2p Windows client


Cisco AnyConnect Client - version 2 (Win, Mac OS, Linux)

(For Cisco ASA devices - uses SSL protocol)


Cisco Client - version 5 (Windows 2K/XP/Vista)

Cisco Client - version 4 (Apple Mac OS X)

Cisco Client - version 4 (Linux x86)


Citrix MetaFrame client - Windows 32-bit

SSH Sentinel - version 1.4 (freeware)

NCP Secure Entry client - Trial version 2.0



Network Infrastructure Parser - open source

(command line execution, parsers device configuration text

into a security or configuration report)




IPv4 Header Error Checksum Calculator




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