Certification No. 40772


Cisco ID# CSCO10273176


RSA enVision 4.0 Certified Systems Engineer - Certification No. 231452103
MCP ID# 2755545


Check Point CCSA #CP0000025476
CompTIA No. COMP001001770062


Security & Networking


QualysGuard Certified
Member of OWASP - Application Security
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Nickerson Consulting, founded by Brian Nickerson in 1997, has been involved in information technology for over 25 years; this has included infrastructure networking, security, application development with Java, .NET and XML, to global MPLS satellite communications as a service provider, on platforms ranging from VMware based Windows 2K3/8 with Directory Services, SUN, IBM pSeries, various Linux versions and iSeries to Large scale IBM OS/390 complex’s.

Extensive data security & multi-protocol networking experience primarily using Cisco routers and switches in complex enterprise scale and MPLS/BGP service provider environments. These enterprise sites have contained over 5000+ nodes within a fiber linked campus topology with multiple HSRP vLANs and layer 3 and 4 switching.

Skilled in creating and supporting information assurance/security, business continuity; disaster recovery and security policies and procedures in accordance with the focus areas of ISO 27002. Detailed ISO security framework areas have included compliance reviews, procedural documents, business continuity planning, cryptographics, physical security, firewall designing, anti-virus implementations, patch processes, database auditing, server OS hardening, awareness training, application security and remote site testing.

Member of the Open Web Application Security Project - OWASP.

Skilled in IT capital/expense project management tools and processes such as PMBOK areas, WBS methods and SDLC administration using MS Project and Niku/Clarity Workbench; including proven experience with capital budgeting and overall financial planning in a multi-project information technology environment, as well as well as a project manager in lager matrix organizations.

Significant experience in both managerial and operational levels as a designer and analyst dealing in a high-volume transaction environment supporting secured information. Travel booking environment with cruise ship transactions using CICS/DB2, financial credit card approvals - SNA APPC and with EDI healthcare based information (eligibility and claim status) - SNA and IP socket calls. Healthcare EDI transactions using HIPAA compliant X12 ANS standards.

Complete project and IT data architectural planning - End-to-end infrastructure data center moves and enhancements; recommended vendor selection, complete installation and network management. Have installed and designed many LANs with a mix of both Ethernet and Token-Ring topologies, local and remote, including campus ATM networks with VoIP integration. Hardware has included the configuring of DACS, HSSI adapters, CSUs, modems, ISDN TAs, hubs, bridges, switches and routers with IP, SNA, IPX, NetBIOS and AppleTalk. Network management has involved physical wire analysis, LAN protocol decoding, SNMP / RMON reporting and base line reporting. Very experienced in building and developing network management facilities with SolarWinds, HP OpenView, various CA products, and CiscoWorks 2000 – complete setup, support and training.

Application development projects have included a multi-tiered distributed Enterprise Java Bean Server, (EJB), using XML input and output formats via customized stylesheets, developed and marketed as a flexible model for HIPAA compliance using EDI switching with IBM’s Websphere Advanced Server. The design of a claims processing system using ASC X12N standard 837/835 claim transactions between large payers, TPA’s, and banks. Experienced with developing a multi-table SQL ColdFusion address management web application. Java development experience using Apache Tomcat. Also, experienced in developing multiple VB .NET Microsoft framework Oracle applications.

Current focus is primarily in multi-protocol network & security analysis - both LAN and WAN - using a number of protocol analysis tools, logging utilities, exception scanning and various intrusion products.

Designed and installed multiple worldwide, Europe to Australia, frame relay & MPLS networks using multi-domain Windows NT, MS SNA, and Exchange Servers using DLSW+ with Cisco routers. Have configured remote offices via site IPSec/GRE VPNs, private T1/E1 and iDirect Ku/C band VSAT’s. Services provided included VoIP, Internet access with various firewalls and corporate file server access. Managed the infrastructure installation of a hybrid active/passive RFID facility on the largest cruise ship on the world; RCCL’s Freedom of the Seas.

WAN Protocol support includes networking with APPC/CPI-C protocols, SNA architecture, NetView management, TCP socket programming, and all AS/400 communication methodologies including APPN controllers. Established and supported connections using AT&T’s Global Services network using NJE and APPC hosts linked via CICS/SNA and TCP protocols. Configured, loaded, and supported local and remote NCP SNI links via IBM 3745 to multiple GDS centers - Galileo, Sabre, and Amadeus.

Global projects have included working with NBC and the 1992 Olympic Committee coordinating telecommunication and broadcast video in Barcelona, Spain. Moved and consolidating multiple data centers - database and network infrastructure.

Security projects have included the rebuilding, administration and monitoring of multiple enterprise CheckPoint NG firewalls / DMZs, designing and maintaining the corporate business recovery plan, designing and implementing the corporate IPSec VPN (site-to-site and client access), utilizing Cisco VPN and demand-dial W2K servers, analyzing security scans, and analyzing / supporting anti-virus facilities.

Our large systems experiences have covered areas as diverse as point-of-sale retail operations, vehicle rental services, electrical utilities, real estate marketing, health management, property management and the cruise ship travel industry.

Technical systems work has entailed all phases of CICS on-line internals, MVS system and application software maintenance/tuning, many forms of internal and external communications, all phases of electronic printing, and several corporate IS projects. Have also been involved in many data center relocation's, including the first IBM 390 system installation in the Southeast.

Complete iSeries (AS/400) technical and operational experience involving custom configuration of subsystems and network objects, host based SNA and multi-platform IP setups.

Extensive experience with installation and support requirements for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs SalesLogix and SupportLogix, both client server applications. Experience in relocating and building Hyperion (Brio) performance suite and SQL based Datamarts. Experienced with data mining techniques using SPSS Clementine and Oracle 9i database design, administration and management – from ER creation to PL/SQL coding. Very experienced with installing and upgrading Lumigent AuditDB - database monitoring for compliance.

Additionally, N-cg has built many custom designed workstations and servers for operating systems such as OS/2, Solaris, DOS, MS Windows, Windows NT/2K/2K3, Novell Netware and Linux platforms.

Have multi-vendor certifications as network and security analysts. Highly trained on Cisco Systems routers/switches, RSA enVision (SIEM), Network Associates Sniffers, iSeries administration, OS/390 systems programming, AIX / Linux administration, Windows NT/2K/2K3/2K8, and IBM host communication systems. Experienced with F5 BipIP, Microsoft and CheckPoint load balancers - at hands on, design and planning levels. Formal Education includes a Masters of Science in Management Information Systems with honors and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.



We subscribe to and support the ISC2 code of ethics

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